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FB PV09 Declaration of non objection

Company brochure

ARCAristics No. 79

DIN ISO 9001

DIN ISO 14001


REACH Declaration

TA Luft [German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control]

EC type test ECOTROL 8C, 6N, 6H


DGRL Art.4.3 Manufacturer’s Declaration

ATEX actuators 811

ATEX actuators 812/813

Positioner ARCAPRO® 827A-ATEX

ATEX actuators MA60

Positioner 826 ARCASMART – Declaration of Conformity

Positioner ARCAPRO® 827A-IECEx_TUN_210016_000

Signal box 827S ATEX certificate

Signal box 827S Declaration of Conformity

Declaration – negative certificate for Roboter 902

Certificate TR TS 012/2011 Explosion protection for non-electrical devices for valves and actuators

Declaration TR TS 00053 for actuators 811/812/813/MA

Declaration TR TS 020/2011 for positioners – electromagnetic compatibility

Declaration TR TS 00052 for positioners 824

Series 8C ECOTROL®

Series 6N/6H DN125-400

Series 6N DN500-600

Series 8C D / 6H D rotary gate valve

Series 190

Series 811, universal diaphragm actuator UMA

Series 812 ARCAPAQ®

Series 812-DWK ARCAPAQ®

Series 814, pneum. piston actuator

Series MA60, pneum. diaphragm actuator

Series 824 I/P

Series 826 ARCASMART

Series 827A ARCAPRO® with/without HART communication

Series 827A ARCAPRO® with BUS communication

Series 827S

Series 8C-6N-6H ECOTROL® single-seated valves

Series 180 forged valves

Series 200+220 three-way valves

Series 250+280 double-seated valves

Series 350+380 angle valves

Series 391 BIOVENT® hygienic valves

Series 500 steam conditioning valves

Diaphragm actuator series 811, 812 + MA

Series 824 I/P positioners

Series 827A ARCAPRO® positioners

Series 902/910/920/921/931/961/827S

Repair and Maintenance


Series 8C

Series 6N ECOTROL®

Series 6H ECOTROL®

Series 8C D / 6H D

Series 190

Series 391 BIOVENT®

Series 811

Series 812

Series 812 size MF0 ARCAPAQ®

Series 812-DWK

Series 814

MA60 series

Series 824 I/P

Series 826 ARCASMART

Series 827A ARCAPRO®

Series 827S

Series 902

Series 910

Series 920

Series 931

Series 961

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