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  • Series 8C/ 6N/ 6H
  • DN 15–100 / ½"-4‘‘ / DN 125-800 / 5“-32“ / DN 15-450 / ½“-18"
  • PN 16-63 / PN 16-63 / PN 100-250
  • ANSI Class 150-600 / ANSI Class 150-600 / ANSI Class 900-1500
  • Temperature range -196 °C to 650 °C

The ECOTROL® globe control valve is flexible, requires little maintenance and is used as an all-rounder in many processes and industries. The modular system consisting of valve body and sealing, trim, valve seat, stem seal, valve actuator and positioner offers a tailor-made and therefore ideal control solution for your process. The ECOTROL® system series controls steam, gas and oil as well as other liquid states and is therefore universally usable. Various innovative design elements and a trim designed for the flow conditions guarantee maximum efficiency, reliability and safety. The patented ECOTROL® clamping seat system enables extremely easy maintenance of the globe control valve without special tools. This means that functionally relevant trims can be changed quickly and cost-effectively by your own maintenance personnel. ECOTROL® stands for holistically conceived technology with unique service and maintenance convenience, low operating costs and low life cycle costs.

This is what distinguishes ECOTROL® control valves:

  • Powerful valve actuator
  • Multifunctional positioner
  • Reliable stem seals
  • Fixed-shape housing seal
  • Sturdy precision trims

stem sealing

Low-maintenance PTFE V-ring packing with fine sealing element
Stuffing box with packing rings
Bellows seal
Extension for low temperatures
Cooling fins for high temperatures


Standard parabolic plug
Soft seal with metallic support
Double guided parabolic plug
Perforated plug and low noise cage
Plug with pressure balancing
Rotary gate valve trim
Clamping seat system for maximum safety and easy maintenance
Flow-optimised valve body
Compact and robust design
Direct positioner mounting with internal air channel
Modular system of trims for every application

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