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  • Series 200 / 220 / 230
  • DN 25–600 / DN 25–300 / DN 25–200
  • PN 10–40 / PN 63–160 / PN 250
  • Temperature range -10 °C to 530 °C

TRIVENT three-way valves work safely and reliably as mixing valves and dividing valves in heat transfer technology and processes with sometimes enormous loads. For example, in cooling and heating circuits in almost all industrial applications, such as marine diesel, heat exchangers and calender presses. Due to their extremely short switching times, our three-way valves are also used for cooling water control on wire rod mills. The TRIVENT valve is designed to be used as a dividing valve or mixing valve, depending on the application. In the case of the separating function, the incoming medium is distributed into two individual streams. This distribution can take place in a ratio of 1:1 or in any different ratio. In the case of the mixing valve, on the other hand, two media to be mixed are brought together in the valve body and leave the three-way valve in the desired new state. The robust construction in modular ARCA design is precisely tailored to your medium and your process due to the choice of material, the connection to the piping system or the versatile trims. Our complete range of actuators and controllers is available for control.

This is what distinguishes TRIVENT control valves:

  • Flexibility thanks to ARCA modular system.
  • Powerful valve actuator.
  • Multifunctional positioners.
  • Various combination options for temperature, pressure and flow.
  • Robust precision trims

Three-way control valve

Flow divider
Flow mixer
Other applications
Three-way valves from low pressure to high pressure
Execution with various connection options
Plug design adapted to your process

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