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Oil and gas industry

Our oil and gas control valves offer the perfect solution to the multitude of challenges in oil and gas processing. In conjunction with our digital positioner and our pneumatic actuators, we guarantee a safe and smooth process. From borehole to refining. From petrol and diesel to medicines, cosmetics and plastic production for household items. With our modular control valve series we do all this worldwide and suitable for the respective place of use – from the desert to the icy regions of the world.

Illustration of total process


Catalytic cracking unit

Precise control technology for the catalytic cracking unit: For practically all mediums occurring in refineries from oil, gasoline, diesel, LPG, HC gases to hydrogen, also for hydrogen fluorides, sour gas (NACE) our ECOTROL® valves are suitable, either in pressure balanced or unbalanced design.

Claus process

Our ECOTROL® valves, balanced and unbalanced, are suitable for almost all media encountered in the Claus process - from oil, gasoline and diesel to LPG, HC gases and hydrogen, including hydrogen fluorides and sour gas (NACE).

Distillation technology

For crude oil, also with low abrasive components, we recommend our double-seat valves DN 50 - 400 PN 40 and DN 40 - 250 PN 160 (series 250, 280) as well as exclusively non-pressure-balanced versions of the series 8C, 6N, 6H in the nominal sizes DN 15 (1/2") - DN 700 (28") PN 40..160 (ANSI 150...1500) in distillation technology.


Natural gas pipeline

Thyssengas GmbH + Open Grid Europe commission ARCA to regulate the Zeelink natural gas pipeline for low-energy natural gas (L-gas).

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