Are you looking for a precise control valve for your condenser in the power plant? We have it!

1) Condensate drainage control valve (variant I)

With the drainage control valve, the level in the condenser is controlled and the condensate is fed back into the feed water tank or a process line. (series: 8C, 6N)

2) Condensate circulation control valve (variant I)

The circulation control valve regulates the minimum quantity in the condensate pump bypass to prevent the pump from running dry. The stem seal of this valve must be vacuum-tight so as not to influence the underpressure in the condenser, especially during start-up. (series: 8C)

Combined condensate drainage & circulation valve (variant II)

The aforementioned condensate drainage and circulation can be realized as well with a 3-way diverting control valve. (series: 200)

3) Condenser motive steam control valve

When starting up the system, as long as the turbine is not yet in operation, the vacuum in the condenser is generated with a steam operated-jet pump. The vacuum pressure control is determined by the motive steam control valve. (series: 8C, 6H, 190)

Products installed in the application

Control valve

Forged valve

Three-way valve

Digital positioner

Pneumatic actuator

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