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Valve actuators

Pneumatic actuator

With pneumatic actuators featuring linear or rotary actuators, you always have the right solution. From low to very high positioning forces or torques.

Electric actuators

ARCA has extensive experience in the selection and operation of electro-mechanical actuators and offers electric actuators for any application.

Hydraulic actuators

Hydraulic actuators solve demanding open-loop and closed-loop control tasks; they are used to operate particularly large valve bodies and steam-converting stations.

You always have the right solution with our pneumatic, electric and hydraulic valve actuators with lifting or rotary actuator. From low to very high actuating forces or torques. All ARCA valve actuators have one thing in common: the particularly low life cycle costs. Under the name ARCADRIVE, we offer pneumatic diaphragm actuators for universal use with a sturdy rolling diaphragm and a solid and simple structure. These ensure hysteresis-free control over the entire control range. Our pneumatic valve actuators offer both directions of action. Opening or closing by spring force or control air can be reversed at any time. Thanks to the integrated actuation spring, the pneumatic actuator always adopts a defined end position – with very short actuating times. Our pneumatic actuators thus play a key role in plant safety. In addition, there are electric actuators in our range. Their actuating and control forces are transferred to the valve using geared motors, so that they are permanently available without delay. Suitable ratios guarantee that even extremely high actuating forces are transferred safely and reliably. These valve actuators are designed with manual adjustment as standard. The cut-off is realised by adjustable torque or travel limit switches. A standardised connection interface allows use in all common applications. The hydraulic actuators round off our range of actuators. They are characterised by high actuating forces and actuation speeds. Due to the double piping for inlet and return, hydraulic actuators are only specified if there are corresponding technical necessities.

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