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  • Series 391
  • DN 15–150
  • PN 10–25

Thanks to its modular design, the BIOVENT® hygienic valve guarantees optimum adaptation to your system and combines freedom from dead space with perfect cleaning options. The hygienic design with extremely low maintenance and at the same time high efficiency and precision of the control valve ensures maximum cost-effectiveness with the lowest total costs of ownership. The hygiene design is well thought out down to the smallest detail. It is CIP-capable and  ensures that any residue is drained, so that cleaning problems, oxidation damage or carry-over during media change are ruled out. The FDA-compliant seals guarantee flush sealing with the housing wall.  The dynamic sealing of the valve stem with a special combination sealing element prevents the ingress of foreign bodies as well as damage to the stem and the bearing. The precision trims are optimized in terms of shape and material to meet your requirements. In addition to hygiene, BIOVENT® guarantees uncomplicated adaptation to changing operating conditions through an exchangeable control plug and the clamped valve seat.

This is what distinguishes BIOVENT® hygienic valves:

  • Powerful valve actuator
  • Wide variability in housing types and connections
  • Hygienic housing and stem sealing
  • Robust precision trims


Standard parabolic plug with metal seal
Parabolic plug with V-ring soft seal
Perforated plug
Stem sealing with combi sealing element
Stem sealing with sterile lock

Housing types and connections of the hygienic valve

Angle valve with weld ends (Type391-P1-L)
Straight-way control valve with round thread (type 391-P1-BO)
Straight-way control valve with flanged end (type 391-P1-BM)
Three-way valve with tri-clamps as a flow mixer (type 391-M-WM)
Three-way valve with different connections as a flow divider (type 391-T-WM)
Multi-stage valve with welded ends (type 391-P3-BM)
Flow-optimised valve housing, meets CIP and EHEDG requirements
Complete valve made of stainless steel
Compact and flexible module connection by means of clamping rings
Valve plug and seat can be replaced separately
Stem seal with special sealing element and additional wiper ring for long-term safety
OPTISEAL® triple-secured, hermetic stem seal

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