ARCA Regler GmbH/Natural gas pipeline


  • Series 8C/6N/6H
  • DN 15–100 / ¼‘‘-4‘‘/DN 150-800 / 6“-32“/DN 15-450/ ½“-18
  • PN/ANSI 16-63 / PN/ANSI 16-63 / PN/ANSI 100-250
  • Class 150-600/Class 150-600/Class 900-1500
  • Temperature range 196 °C to 600 °C


Thyssengas and Open Grid Europe are building a new natural gas pipeline for 600 million euros. The Zeelink natural gas pipeline is intended to secure natural gas supplies in the NRW region from 2021 due to the EU-wide switch to H-gas (high-calorific gas).

The construction project comprises two sections totaling 215 kilometers (Zeelink 1 and 2) and will connect Aachen with the Münsterland region. In the process, it will also pass through the Lower Rhine region, the home of the ARCA company.

ARCA has been involved in the project for a long time and was responsible for the planning and execution of the process control technology. ARCA valves are used in a wide range of applications along the Zeelink natural gas pipeline and in the compressor and distribution stations.

In order for the gas to flow through the lines, the gas line must be pressurized. This is done via compressors. These compressors, also called booster, are very complex and require control valves for start-up as well as for protection. In these applications, the gas is compressed up to 200 bar, depending on the system, and must be expanded to the atmosphere, depending on the application. In this process, the critical expansion is precisely controlled and the noise development for the environment is minimized. Particularly in emergency operation, ARCA valves must be able to take over the load cases in a matter of seconds so that the compressor is not damaged.


Special features of the ARCA control valves used:

  • The control valves must be particularly tight. This is achieved for high-pressure valves by means of a specific soft seal.
  • The expansion valves must compensate for the complete differential pressure. If not designed correctly, this can lead to enormous stress and wear in the short term.
  • The pressure tests were not performed at the usual 1.5 times the design pressure, but at almost twice the design pressure.
  • Wide range of drive versions, from manual drive to pneumatic drive and electric drive.

ARCA control valve technology is used not only for gas transport via the Zeelink natural gas pipeline described here, but also directly in gas fields and in gas storage.

Many compressor manufacturers rely on ARCA’s expertise, quality and reliability for these safety-critical applications.


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